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QpiAI ML gives your AI a Quantum edge by combining bits, qubits and neurons to build the future of intelligence. Our quantum machine learning tool simplifies the development of quantum models and provides seamless access to quantum hardware backends. Explore the advantages of quantum machine learning applied to your problems. Integrate with your existing pipelines to build fully-featured applications.

Our Special Solutions

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Bits, Neurons, and Qubits

Hybrid Models

Build hybrid models to squeeze maximum advantage today.

Seamless integration

Integrate our simulation solver to your existing workflows via robust, scalable, and secure APIs. Run over the cloud or on-premises clusters.

Composable Workflow

Compose workflows combining Classical Simulations, Machine Learning and Quantum/Quantum-Inspired Computing.

  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • Choose from a rich library of pre-built Quantum Machine Learning Models and adapt for your use case. We support quantum-accelerated linear algebra procedures, parameterized quantum circuits, and tensor-networks based models.

  • Build your own Models
  • Seamlessly build your own models by composing our Quantum Building Blocks. Create custom quantum models and integrate them with existing pipelines.

  • Hybrid Models
  • Combine Classical and Quantum Models to squeeze maximum advantage out of current-generation Quantum Computers.

  • Composable Workflows
  • Our services are containerised applications that can be easily composed to form unique workflows combining data pipelines, training and inference. These workflows can be orchestrated seamlessly on major public and private cloud infrastructures.