BreakThrough AutoML Tech:

AI solution using Auto ML-based deep learning and MLOps


End-to-End AutoML and MLOps platform for

creating and deploying AI models at scale

Performance Advantage

Collaborative no-code platform, Opportunistic On-premise deployment, Scalable across domains

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QpiAITM Pro is the most collaborative platform to invent, build and deploy AI models in production. Create futuristic innovations in AI by running the platform at functionalities optimized for your enterprise data center. QpiAITM Pro is equipped with the patented search-space reduction algorithms that utilize the rich contextual information about use case specific domains and subdomains to efficiently discover the best-performing model with the help of AutoML and advanced techniques like Neural Architecture Search. Trained models could be easily deployed and observed across platforms - edge devices or enterprise data center / public cloud.

Our Differentiated Solution

To help you build and leverage the AI advantage

QpiAI Pro’s intelligent scheduler optimizes for data-center utilization by allocating heavy workloads to under-utilized nodes, slashing the energy cost by up to 40%. Users need not worry about setting up the hardware/workload management and on-premise processing means that sensitive data never leaves the confines of the enterprise data center.

  • Rich Library of Base Models
  • Rapidly prototype and build AI models from a rich collection of base models for a variety of tasks. Also, collaboratively build custom models for a particular domain/sub-domain and add to the collection of base models to let colleagues search for solutions faster.

  • Deploy models anywhere
  • Deploy the trained models across devices from GPU/CPU cloud nodes to low-powered edge devices. Better still, deploy models on a public cloud/enterprise data center or client’s data center, QpiAI Pro platform takes ease of deployment to the next level with a multi-node auto-scale feature on streaming data.

  • Monitoring and Observability
  • Customize alerts and notifications related to system health of the infrastructure supporting deployed models and track important incidents, ensuring timely resolution and reduced business impact. An insight-rich monitoring tool helps analyze the model performance and identify data drifts in model features to ascertain the cause of performance degradation on a real-time basis.

  • Device tailored models
  • Discover newer architectures while training latency-optimized models which are tailored for deployment on custom devices ranging from edge devices like Jetson Nano to multi-core GPU machines.

  • Multi-node model deployment
  • Supports high throughput real-time predictions with auto-scaling across data types with configurable nodes up to 10 per model deployment.

  • Edge Deployment Infrastructure Manager
  • Seamlessly deploy models across multiple edge devices grouped into specific projects. Monitor the system health of each device and easily collect model inference through an endpoint.

  • Encrypted models
  • SHA 256 encryption ensures integrity and security of all QpiAI Pro models trained on sensitive, proprietary data; preventing misuse by non-authorized individuals and reverse engineering of model weights.

  • End to End AI Modelling Redefined.
  • QpiAI™ Pro is one platform for all AI needs. It has everything in-built for standalone AI modeling applications - right from Data Preparation, Model Generation with AutoML, new AI Model Architecture Discovery, Deployment capabilities across enterprise data enter/cloud platforms and edge devices along with system and model performance monitoring.

  • ML / AI Advanced Computation Simplified.
  • Create the best optimized AI/ML model for your domain and sub-domain leveraging our AutoML capabilities, which are based on domain-specific model discovery and optimization.

  • Run Multiple ModelsContainerized
  • All functionalities in QpiAi™ Pro are mapped to microservices to enable compute scalability and parallelism. Get containerized backend with complete cloud & enterprise data center support to aid model sharing & co-development with the professional community.