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Quantum Hardware


QpiAI Quantum Hardware


Realization of the full potential of quantum advantage will require thousands if not millions of qubits, all working in unison. One of the key challenges in developing such a practical quantum computer is the scalability of the hardware. Scalability refers to not only an increase in the number of qubits but also a scalable interface with the classical control hardware which is required to do operations on those qubits. We at QpiAI are poised to change this with the introduction of our modular systems which are fully customizable for your application.

Accelerating the NEXT
Evolutionary Step in Computing

QpiAI Sense

High speed Integrated control and readout electronics for quantum systems.


QpiAI Sense is a combined scalable and modular control hardware as well as a software solution to have intuitive control of qubits and quantum key distribution (QKD) system through a small form factor device at room temperature. It interfaces through the Qpi ExplorerTM software for an intuitive implementation of the algorithm using a graphical user interface for the user. For QKD systems, modules for signal generation for laser control and detector signal acquisition, high speed quantum random generator, key extraction module, voltage-controlled polarization adjustment are provided.

  • Control and readout of upto 16 qubits.
  • Trigger to AWG pulse <40ns.
  • Feedback Latency <100ns.
  • Capability for Quantum Error Correction and Error mitigation.

QpiAI Trion

Universal Optimisation Processor


Trion is a high-performance, low-power universal optimiser chip designed to support both classical and quantum optimization workloads. Trion intelligently decides offloading any optimization workloads to either quantum or classical or hybrid processing through QpiAI patented Intelligent optimization controller.

  • Solves Classical Optimization Problems Faster than CPUs and GPUs while consuming only a fraction of the power
  • Links with QpiAI’s Classical-Quantum Hybrid Computing Stack and leverages the power of Quantum Computing
  • Utilizes Gather and Scatter Process for faster convergence by the Optimization Unit
  • Programmable and Highly Scalable Technology to meet the needs of the AI & Quantum Era

QpiAI Bumblebee

Dual-Purpose Innovation For
Superconducting and Semiconducting Qubits


Bumblebee is a cryogenic controller and a classical interface to qubit technologies operating at milliKelvin temperatures. It consists of various programmable analog front end electronics in CMOS for controlling and reading out superconducting as well as semiconducting qubits.

  • Operating at 4K, the controller can be tuned for a multitude of applications.
  • Compact and noise free   solution for scaling up of quantum computers.
  • Offers high performance   analog interface for cryogenic temperatures.
  • Wideband frequency operation  with integrated I/Q mixer.

QpiAI Optimusprime

Ingenious Si-MOS Spin Qubit Quantum Processor


Optimusprime is a Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) based on spin qubits in gate-defined Si-MOS quantum dots. Optimusprime pursues an all-silicon approach based on standard CMOS technology for the integration of a large number of well defined and interconnected Si-MOS quantum dots.

Forefronting the Quantum Era

  • Silicon spin qubits in gate-defined quantum dot devices have the capability of achieving long qubit coherence time in the order of 1-20 milliseconds.
  • The dimension of a single spin qubit is in the range of 70 nm-100 nm, allowing the possibility of large-scale integration of millions of qubits within a chip having a dimension of 70-100mm.
  • Spin qubits in silicon that are operated at temperatures at 10mK also have the potential to be operated up to 4K. This can be used to integrate classical CMOS control circuits with an array of quantum dots on the same silicon die.